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We are Wyoming

Building the performance of brands across digital channels.


Whether you’re refining your brand’s presence online, developing your first ecommerce shop or delivering an enterprise scale application with complex integrations (and even more complex stakeholders), we’ll help you get it right end to end. Making the process design seamless,

the content arresting and the conversions optimal. Because we know, we only keep our

place on your team with results.


Our enduring client relationships are testament to our ability to anticipate,

collaborate and ultimately deliver.


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What We Do

Software Development

Simple and optimal. Whether it’s an app, website or digital portal, it’s the mantra that underpins our work. Our end game will always be satisfied users and a big tick against commercial goals. And managing that tricky triumvirate of technology, data and creative is where Wyoming excel. 

UX Design & Realization

We take the opinion out of website design, navigation and interaction. Who needs a debate about blue versus green, when can you replace it with frank, informed data? Once we have the building blocks right, then we make it beautiful. 

Marketing Performance

Building a digital presence is only half the job. Achieving traffic and conversion targets is the really fulfilling part. We identify performance critical functionality before the first keystroke, so you can look forward to your next performance review.

Team Spotlight

homepage rob innes
homepage rob innes3

Rob Innes


I’ve been at Wyoming for 7 years and I really enjoy collaborating on new digital development challenges. My focus is on outcomes, rather than features. I’d describe myself as fussy, diligent, hardworking and excitable and I can’t refuse a good ‘dad’ joke. 

homepage johnny koo
homepage johnny koo3

Johnny Koo


Five years in, I’m still saving lives! Picking up new briefs, new challenges, I love figuring out a solution and seeing it come alive. A perfect day? Firing through a bunch of tickets, then hitting the Karaoke!

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Mathisse Johnston

Business Analyst

Over the past 5 years at Wyoming I’ve been learning something new every day (or at least every week) and I love it! I’d describe myself as thoughtful, cooperative, witty, unique and a bit of a geek and if I had a super power it would be telekinesis – see what I mean about that geek thing?!