Cookies on Wyoming Website

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device. They come from the websites that you visit and are stored by your web browser. Virtually every website uses cookies and many sites would fail to work without them. The vast majority are innocuous – most do one of four very simple tasks a) improving the use of a website according to your preferences, b) helping to smooth your journey through an e-commerce process as you fill your basket, c) tracking advertising campaigns or d) providing the website owner with site usage data (which pages are most popular and the paths that website visitors take to find and navigate through the site).


Here at Wyoming, we use a Google Analytics cookie to help us figure out which pages are working better for our visitors – we can then use this information to make improvements to our content and the site in general.


Many cookies are short lived things - at the end of your session the cookie is removed. Others may persist for a period of time, to allow website owners to, for example, identify frequently returning visitors. Try this site for more detailed information about cookies.