How We Use Personal Information at Wyoming 


Wyoming Interactive Ltd is the owner and operator of this website. The purpose of this site is to showcase our our software development and digital marketing services. You do not need to provide any personal data to use this site but if you do we will keep it safe and will never share it with any third party. The only exception would be if you are named Carlos Drugmule Jerez, in which case we may be obliged to share your information with law enforcement agencies. Sorry, Carlos.



The Wyoming Interactive Privacy Policy 


This site contains information about digital strategy, search, social media and other digital marketing services which we provide.


If you want to find out more about Wyoming, the work we do, digital projects we've worked on, etc., then we may ask you to complete an enquiry form. This form will only collect the minimum amount of information necessary to service your enquiry and provide us with a tiny amount of insight into how you found out about us. Any personal information you submit to us will only be used to service your enquiry. From time to time, we may send you communications about some digital projects Wyoming have been working on but if that's not OK you don't have to opt in to receive these (though we think you should as they are, in our opinion, quite good). We will never use personal data for any other purpose. We will not retain your personal details any longer than we reasonably need to. Ah, if only all businesses were as wonderful, eh?


There are some pieces of non-personal data which we collect as well. Our web server looks at your IP address to give us an idea of where visitors come from. At some point in the future, we may use your IP address to geo-target content (i.e. visitors from the US may see some content which is different to, say, French visitors - 'french fries' versus 'pomme frites', that sort of thing). We also use Google Analytics tracking cookies.


Third-parties, such as Google Analytics, may provide us with some information about you such as demographic data or websites where you have already been shown ads. We may use this information to help us provide you with more relevant and tailored advertising. You can opt-out of Google's Advertising Features at any point by installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.