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What We Do

We're a talented bunch at Wyoming, from the very beginning of planning your project, through the development and right to the end product, we've got you covered.

Software Development

Experts at every inch of the iceberg


So much of what makes a digital portal or website experience exceptional is the part that’s unseen. The process design, the way the data environment is structured, and how you call on back-end systems to deliver a coherent service to visitors. Our skill lies in our ability to do more than design

you a great looking site.


Starting with your business objectives, we’ll look for ways to embed quality throughout your online processes so they deliver better results; be that more ecommerce transactions, higher conversion rates or fewer support calls to the call centre.


Wyoming have experience working for organizations of all sizes, with an enviable track record in working at scale with large organizations like Vodafone and The Global Fund. We’ll help you create great user experiences for your visitors that have performance built in from the outset. 

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Database design

Arguably, data is today’s gold. But if it’s not stored correctly and you can’t mine it, you can’t unlock its value. With considerable experience in database design and more complex aspects of scaling databases, we’ll help you shape your data environment to meet every conceivable demand.

System integration

Our global clients trust us to manage large-scale integrations covering multiple stakeholders and different technologies, as well as writing custom integrations for multiple back-end systems. Our teams will help you link the best technology options with your goals.


Rest assured we are rigorous about the correct practice of software development. Together we’ll help you craft a solution that you know will improve outcomes for your web portal, ecommerce shop or website. From large enterprise portals using Oracle Webcenter and ADF or brilliant new sites using Angular, Backbone or React frameworks, Wyoming have deep domain knowledge and many years of experience.


Project Management

Starting with your business objectives, we’ll look for ways to embed quality throughout your online processes so they deliver better results; be that more ecommerce transactions, higher conversion rates or fewer support calls to the call centre.

UX Design & Realization

Give us your boundaries and we’ll show you the possibilities


To achieve the most from UX design you have to be slave to two masters, the user and the commercial objectives of the project.  The true skill of this discipline is in balancing the two, so that you can improve online outcomes for the user while making significant gains for the business – more baskets, more registrations, and more video views.


Our multi-disciplinary teams can help you draw from a wide range of user-centred research and design development tools. With one eye firmly on the analytics we’ll make sure every online journeys is intuitive, and continually refined to make it the best it can be.

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Process Design

Many of our clients have tasked us with leading large-scale process management or business design reviews. In which case we simply need the boundaries within which to operate and the freedom to lead the process. Wyoming are more than happy to co-ordinate a wider team effort to inform the technical architecture and build. 

UX/UI Design

Your website represents you, and you should be proud of it. Wyoming work hard to craft websites, from the simple to the complex, which are effective, beautiful and often transformational for business metrics. UX/UI goes beyond ‘Make it pretty’ to ‘Make it effective’


Wyoming can facilitate UX workshops, research, focus groups, table reads, whatever it takes to turn an idea into a plan. From rough sketches to flat wireframes to active wireframes to ‘fly through’ the emerging design, anything we can do to optimize the user journey.

Marketing Performance

Actionable intelligence at any given moment


You could say we’re experts at funnels. Lift the curtain on your analytics and your web activity essentially amounts to a series of funnels, with prospects and consumers coming in, and going on to engage or buy from you, (or not).


Wyoming can help you plan, measure and optimise your brand’s performance across all digital channels, so you can find the answers to your brand’s most pertinent marketing questions. Like - Which channels yield the highest conversions? What traffic sources yield repeat customers? Which offers at what times drives the highest number of registrations?


With a richer understanding of the data at your fingertips, you’ll find it much easier to work out what needs to change. We use a tried and trusted ‘test, measure, learn’ methodology to attribute performance to different digital activations and recommend changes and developments. Those improvements can be substantial. Wyoming have improved performance by as much as 100% on previous client projects.

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Paid Search

Sticking your brand right next to the search results for the keywords your customers and prospects use is one of the fastest ways of increasing traffic – but many people are often disappointed with the results. It can be down to the offer, the timing, negative keywords or a multitude of things. While paid search, pay-per-click and simple PPC are great options for promotional use, many clients find that continual use and continual optimisation yields even better results.


Wyoming are experts at planning, placing, measuring and improving the effectiveness of search. Our data-led approach to natural search will help you build robust long-term value. We can help you devise full and engaging content strategies, optimize landing pages, product category pages and have penalties removed.

Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing should be aware of real-world and real-time customer data to present emails, messages, website content that is pertinent to visitors with different needs and from different locations. Automated welcome programs, event driven communications – both can help to improve uptake and engagement.

eCommerce With Magento

Turning an online presence into successful eCommerce takes a range of skills - engineering, design, merchandising and demand generation. At Wyoming we have achieved positive eCommerce traffic and sales for organisations operating in a variety of fields. Read more >>