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By Michelle Waddell, 5 July 2019

Let Wyoming Take The Strain

Few projects are completed by one team. Commonly it’s the collaborative efforts of the many. At Wyoming we occasionally handle all tasks in a project but it’s more common that we work on a set of tasks that suit our specialist skills and partner with client teams and other consultants to bring the project to fruition. If that sounds familiar and you consider collaboration as an option to get projects finished, read on or contact directly through our collaboration page.

If you are a consultant, system integrator, agency or other development company, bidding for new projects or working through an existing project, do you have a skills gap with user experience (UX) design, front-end development, data management, ecommerce development or demand generation (inbound marketing) or do you need additional bandwidth? Wyoming often partner with consultancies of various flavours to assist them to land complex projects. Sometimes we collaborate on bids or tenders and other times its projects that are already started. Don’t add worry to your to-do list – collaborate with an experienced partner. 

How Does it Work?

Firstly, we bring specialist skills to your project to address a discrete need. That could be building out user journeys, creating pattern libraries, designing page templates or more complicated integration tasks or perhaps ecommerce development. 

Secondly, we stay in our lane! Our job is to help you achieve your project goals for your client. We’re there to help and we’re very clear on working to your specification and getting stuff done. 

Thirdly, we focus on long-term relationships. Whilst we can work tactically on a single topic, you will get more from Wyoming by thinking of us as long-term partners, who will dig-in and work hard over an extended term.  

You can call us on 0131 322 7000 or complete the form on our collaboration page

Projects That Can Work Well

  • Managing data, building data pipelines and dashboards
  • Inbound marketing, or demand generation, where a digital asset, say an ecommerce website, needs high-converting traffic to be generated
  • Digital transformation projects where front-end development is abstracted from back-end
  • Technical build that requires complex user interface (UI) options to be mapped out
  • ERP/supply chain with an ecommerce component requiring Magento skills
  • Software builds where creative design and branding are required
  • Building apps and other digital activations for events / conferences  

We can evidence successful work undertaking all of the above tasks on behalf of partners. Make contact with our team via our collaboration page or call 0131 322 7000.

Why Organisations Outsource to Wyoming

  • Safe pair of hands – we have proven ourselves as an enabler of digital transformation many times over
  • Independent view by experts in the field – we have a track record of providing solid advice backed by data analytics
  • Bandwidth – we often are engaged by consultants who can fulfil the task, but need an extra pair (or several pairs) of hands
  • Not your core skill – we are who to call when you realise that the technical details of digital transformation are not necessarily your core skill

Contact the team on 0131 322 7000 or complete the form on our collaboration page.


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