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A Strong Partner

If you’re selling a few t-shirts or your first DVDs, there are easier solutions to deploy than Magento. Signing up for Squarespace or opening a store on Amazon or eBay will get you started, safely and capably.

However, if you want to do enterprise scale ecommerce, work across multiple territories, with multiple storefronts, integrate a retail inventory system, run multiple overlapping promotions, you’ll quickly find that grown up solutions are needed. In steps Magento. It’s got all the capability you can imagine, packaged within a highly configurable and customizable solution.

However, Magento takes some hard work and thought to get it right. Wyoming is a strong partner to help you plan, construct and manage the ecommerce build. The team here have over a decade of experience building out Magento solutions at scale (we've been working with Magento since version 1.6, converting, upgrading all the way to Magento 2.0), and driving high-converting traffic to the site.

Our approach is both creative and analytical. We’ll work through your requirements to create a high performance and engaging online store where visitors will fill baskets, checkout and return. And, hopefully, share their experience across social along the way. Wyoming has expertise in engineering but also in marketing. Not only do we ensure high-quality operations, we are experts in demand generation and improving user journeys so we can help with marketing objectives as well as ecommerce objectives.

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What Ecommerce Challenges Can Wyoming Help You With?

Q. How to get my customers to spend more?

A. Need help increasing average basket value? Want customers to return more often? We work with store owners to do just that - give us a call and we'll advise on strategies to drive demand and improve conversions.

Q. How to improve the checkout process?

A. Seeing a high number of shopping cart abandonments? Need to streamline the process? We have optimized the checkout process for many stores. We'd love to help.

Q. Does investing on mobile mean that I will increase my sales?

A. More and more customers are searching from mobile. Not having a responsive ecommerce website decreases your opportunities. Talk to Wyoming about mobile optimized stores.

Q. How can I increase sales without increasing my budget?

A. More for less? Yes, it can be done but you will need to work with good analytics and learn how to optimize offers, landing pages and user journeys. With a well set up Magento installation, user testing can be achieved for little upfront.

Q. People are coming to my website but they are not converting, why?

A. A mismatch between advertising and landing pages? Or perhaps on-site search is not working well. Either way, Wyoming have many years conversion experience.​​​​​​

Q. How can I make my ecommerce website faster?

A. Customers expect sites to be fast. At Wyoming we have worked hard to make online stores operate quickly and effectively.

Q. What's the best ecommerce platform?

A. What do you sell? Hate to answer a question with a question but Magento suits some but not all.